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Revolution and Our Misconceptions

What i have seen over the last week or so , was a drama full of Dialogues , Suspense , Changing Relations and in the end Happy ending with a lot of wastage of time.By the way people called that revolution but i had figured that earlier that it will be a drama and it was so ,My Theory Won Again.
I am talking about five day drama written and directed by Dr.Tahir ul Qadri , produced by unknown ( But i guess People's Party) , Lead role was done by Dr. himself and supported by Thousands of people of Pakistan.Firstly i would like to clear one thing which i judge it by the past, is that Revolution or Big Change was always brought by one man....Crowd can bring destruction and small change but Revolution needs one man's Vision.

So what is Revolution????

The complete change in the system ( including thinking) is regarded as Revolution as brought by Nelson Mandela , Imam Khumani , Quaid- e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and the best Revolution the humanity has seen was brought by my master Muhammad ( S.A.W).Before Nelson Mandela the Africa had worst system in which common man was not getting his rights which was changed completely by Mandela.Before Imam Khumani the Iran was diverting away from their religion and customs and  brought back to fundamentals by Imam Khumani. Before Muhammad Ali Jinnah the sub continent was suffering from the darkest time as far as right violation is concerned and Muhammad Ali Jinnah changed the complexion and who does not know about the Changed brought by Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad ( S.A.W) , before him the Arabs lived the life like animals and he came and made that society the most sophisticated of all time having justice , equality and unity.

Difference between Revolution and Tahirul Qadri's March

Ingredients for  Revolution

With many other factors the main ingredient for revolution is "The Script of Law" which has to be followed after Revolution and everyone knows Dr. Tahir ul Qadri was always confused on his tour to Pakistan that what he really wants !. Truly in starting he always talked to "save the State rather than Politics....then his motto turns to save Democracy ....then he wanted to save his politics ...and then he ran away saving his respect. In past whenever the Revolution occurred the one person had a clear idea that what he wants ...Muhammad ( S.A.W) had Quran as his law therefore the revolution occurred and Muhammad Ali Jinnah also wanted the Quran to be the most superior law of Pakistan.

Difference between fraud and Revolution

What Dr. Tahir ul Qadri has done is Fraud and what he has not done is Revolution.In modern day what we see on media including Social Media ...we think it will change the world.Remember my friends by commenting and just sharing the world is not gonna change because for revolution and for change you need to change the thinking which will not change by just sharing links on Facebook and etc.We Pakistani especially thinks that by solving the individual cases on Facebook the Pakistan will see a revolution as in Case of Shahzaib  if Shahukh Jatoi was arrested then it is good but individual cases can not bring the change for revolution the Common crimes should be stopped as in case of Pakistan Loadshadding, Corruption , Province Right's Violation , Targeted Killing e.t.c.

So my message to my readers is that try using my above mentioned factors to identify the real Revolution and stop following these types of frauds.

Thank you

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